A Day at the Museum

by David Moldawer on February 26, 2012


Henry and I made a trip to the Met this afternoon. Henry had a ball trying to touch everything and running into tourists in the galleries. The security guards weren’t happy with him, but that’s their problem. We explored the Spanish patio, the Arms and Armor (I taught Henry how to chop with a katana), the musical instruments (he knew horns, violins, and pianos on sight, but I had to teach him about clarinets, cellos, and harpsichords), and the Duncan Phyfe furniture exhibition. We each had a cookie in the big atrium, and then we went home.

Henry’s learning many words. I asked him to identify all sorts of things on the way, and he was right more often than not. After our museum trip, we visited Bipa and Bima, and he had his dinner. We asked him what all of our names were, and somehow he knew off the bat that Bima’s name is Susan. No idea where he picked that up.

Henry’s learned how to sing the alphabet song pretty well. He skips over a letter here or there, but it’s pretty much right. He can also identify many letters, particularly H E N R Y.

I haven’t posted in a criminally long time, so here are a few developmental highlights:

June 26: Henry peed in the toilet for the first time, and learned how to catch a ball.

Sept. 17: Henry climbed up on the couch all by himself, walked much of the way to school without holding my hand, learned how to identify which blocks go in which hole, walked up and down the steps in his school, and even started to sing along (sort of) to “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” “How I wawa…”

Dec. 20: Henry was naked after his bath and we asked him where his tushy was. He farted, and then laughed hysterically.

Dec. 22: Sam and I were chatting over breakfast as we normally do, and Henry said, “No talk.” That’ll be a valuable skill if he’s got to live with the two of us for another twenty years.

Dec. 29: Henry figured out how to get his synthesizer to play music on its own. Bipa and Bima watched as he danced around the room with his tambourine to the jazzy synth version of Ode to Joy, pausing every so often to turn the synth off and on again to start the music from the beginning. The next day, Sam tried to sit in one of the chairs while he repeated this routine, and he said “Bima’s chair!”

Jan. 4: Henry went #2 on the potty for the first time.

Jan. 24: Henry drank from an ordinary glass beautifully. He also likes to play pretend games now, like picking “cookies” off the tree in the living room (inspired by the Cookie Tree episode of Sesame Street), and eating mama and dada. He thinks eating us is very funny.

Feb. 4: Henry had a cough and I gave him honey. After the cough went away, he got into the habit for a few days of faking a big cough before bed, and saying, “Hurt. Throat hurt. Honey.” I wasn’t fooled.



2 year old.

by Samantha Hahn on November 9, 2011

Henry turned 2 on October 26th. Last weekend we had a party for him at our place with nana made gourmet cupcakes and kids running wild. Will share some photos soon. For now, here are some shots a friend of mine who is a photographer took.


We haven’t posted in an awfully long time, but after I saw this video, I knew I had to share it.

This weekend, we took Henry to Central Park for his very first carousel ride. It was the last weekend of the season for the Central Park Carousel, and we really lucked out on the weather. Gorgeous day. And once Henry realized he was on a NEIGH, he had a great time, as you can see:

Henry’s first carousel ride

It was also my first trip to the Central Park Carousel. Beautiful piece of machinery. We’ll make this an annual tradition.



by David Moldawer on April 11, 2011

dad wrote a sweet little post about your toddlerhood so I thought I’d add to it. You are indeed trying to tell us things. I know one day you will ask me what you said and when. So here’s a list of your vocab. words as of 17 months:

“baabaa” (while playing with or pointing to sheep puppet
“uh-oh” (you’ve been saying this for a while, especially when something drops”
“babbye” (while waving good-bye)
“ei-i-ei-i-oowwhhh” (for Old Macdonald)
and you shake your head no a lot!

Other than that you communicate very well babbling sounds and syllables and pointing and gesturing. Hopefully one day we’ll just sit down to dinner and have a chat.

Your understanding is great too. You can get “Good Night Moon” off of the shelf if asked. You know what to do when the “people on the bus go up and down” and the “wipers go swish”. You also hummed “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. If I say “go to your chair for breakfast” he knows where to go and the same goes for “let’s play in your room”.

I love you beyond comprehension.


Henry laughing it up

by David Moldawer on March 27, 2011

This video’s a bit old, but it’s a favorite, so we wanted to post it:

Direct YouTube link



by David Moldawer on March 20, 2011

You’re such a good-natured comedian, Henry. You’re making a lot more sounds than before—I think you’re really on the verge of talking, and I’m very excited to hear what you have to say. You’ve been mimicking us, too, when the mood strikes you. Just now, Mama made turkey gobble-gobble sounds at you, and you made them right back at her, sort of:

Direct link

You also seem to understand us more. Not just “no,” either. Earlier today, Mama asked you to go and get Goodnight Moon, and you went right to the shelf and brought it back for her. Smart! Too bad the camera wasn’t rolling.

We love to see you grow up, but one of the drawbacks is that, at some point, you’ll be too old for us to make videos of you having a bath. Until then…

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